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Where has the Time gone! It’s been 6 years since we last updated the about us page it’s now 2017 we have a ton of new supporters and followers not only to our website but also our Facebook page.

So let’s do a recap of the last 6 years to make sure those that keep up via the web are up to speed.

The CATP is still on target to take over the Antique pulling world and be leaders in doing just that we are now in our 44th year as an established club we have 70+ supporters that are on our mailers and that we see an most events throughout the seasons in 2017 we have 15 events a test and tune in the spring that after a few setbacks we did actually get to go.

We have been fortunate to get aligned with partners in the last 6 years that have helped us grow to what we are today we will be having our 3rd annual $2K pull day in Brooklyn where the club gives back $2000+ in prize money more than most clubs bring in per year and we are blowing it all out on Memorial day in our 3rd year running this event we have had great support from the pulling community and the crazy part is this is just one of the many new things we have been up to.

Sigourney Iowa spring classic pull for the last 2 years the CATP has had their own paying class at this event yes that’s right we are out supporting the sport getting our name out there the CATP was lucky enough to give away $500 in 2016 and $700 in 2017 to the winner of the class!! Yes that’s right you win the class you get the big money regardless of how many pullers are in the class.

You then ask yourself is the CATP just out to pay big money back in classes and not give back to the communities, great questions we have been blessed with the chance to do our 4th annual Powder Puff pull in Afton WI for the Rocking Kids Christmas during those events the club members borrow out their own personal tractors and time to help any lady that would like to pull the chance for a small fee to beat up on their friends and family or if they are lucky enough there is an entire group of the CATP pullers that will adorn Dresses, Wigs and all the fixings just to pull in the event because, let’s get serous we all really love to pull. In the last few years we have been able to give back close to $1000 to the charity each year and it continues to grow please look to the schedule and make sure it’s an event you don’t miss!

The CATP is also doing what it can to help with the St Jude foundation for the last 3 years the CATP has donated money to the Mean Green Pulling team in Tunica MS at the biggest indoor winter tractor pull event helping them reach close to $50,000 each year that they are donating to St Jude. We also have in 2017 new ownership of Afton bar now the Table and they will be having a St Jude Benefit on June 10th.

In 2017 the Club has purchased a distance board so no more guessing what your distance was you will be able to see it real time as you pull. The club has also been working on its new club truck early on there were a few bugs to be worked out but successfully we have not had any issues and it continues to do what we need to week in and week out.

2016 brought a lot of new faces to the club and there feeling is that the club is what we set out to be inviting and welcoming we are a family the words Support the Sport were started 6 years ago and that is still the goal and focus of the club continue to push antique Tractor Pulling and make sure that the CATP is at the forefront of that movement take some time review the web page let us know what you think hop on over to Facebook see what we have going there and if you have that old rusty fencerow tractor pull it out of the weeds get it running come out and join us at an event and Support the sport.



The C.A.T.P has been an established club for 38 years. During that time we have purchased a truck, sled and in 2011 we purchased a new scale.

We currently offer our event as an entire package compared to similar pulling clubs. We have seen a need for a club that stays focused on the true antique pulls in our area. We cater to the “locals” in each town that we go to this expands our exposure to a broad group of pullers and spectators.

The club has all of the needed items to put on dirt or blacktop pull wherever we go. We are a full package event that hosted 19 pulls in 2011 in south central Wisconsin and northern Illinois. 2012 is shaping up to be another great year for the C.A.T.P. We are looking to put on at least one King of the Hill pull during our Labor Day pull and hopefully expand into a few new areas with new pulls.

We finished out 2011 with 1333 hooks and over 2000 miles in travel to and from our events. In 2011 we had 38 registered members and averaged 78 pullers per event over the 18 events that we put on. With the returning board of directors for 2012 we hope to see growth from our exposure on a few new events with some new sponsorship help.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2012 year please see the sponsorship page and fill out the attached info we will appreciate all donations as they will only help us put on a better show and expose our club and your business in more areas. Also if you and your town or event would like to see an Antique tractor pulling event please feel free to contact us as we would like to talk about all opportunities that may be out there for us.

In November we had our 2012 Rules meeting there were two major rule changes for 2012 first being that our 3.8mph class is now 4.0mph and that all “Farm Stock” tractors must pull off the draw bar this will directly affect the Farmall tractors that must now run a stock draw bar.

The C.A.T.P would like to thank all those involved in the 2011 season we had great turnouts at each of our events. We encountered the hottest days of the year in Endeavor and just missed a huge rain in Brodhead and Brooklyn we did get rained on at our final event in New Glarus but we were able to wait it out and finish the pull.

The 2012 work days have been many and we are making great strides on updating and improving the sled for 2012 with the changes that we have made it will be a learning experience for all that are involved. We hope to see all at our January awards banquet and out pulling at all the events for 2012

Thanks to all